As more people get into formal betting, sportsbooks strive to keep up with the larger influx, and this includes making it possible to bet on hundreds of different things. Although it might be entertaining to bet on the smallest details, beginners can benefit from learning what are the most common types of bets in Canadian sports.

Point Spread

This is a common type of bet among fans of the NBA and the CFL, and it consists of guessing the minimum amount of points that a team will win by. For example, if you bet on a 5.5 point spread between Toronto and Tampa, and the game ends up with 18-10 in Toronto’s favour, you win the bet.


The most basic bet of guessing who will win the game, regardless of anything else. The issue with this type of bet is that if you bet on the big favourite and they win, you do not earn too much money.

Although this is tricky, in leagues like the NHL it can pay off to bet on an underdog because of how much the teams in that league turn the tables.


This is another bet that is easy to understand, and most beginners can get it right, as you only have to guess roughly what the number of scores will be during the game. Now, to clarify, it’s the combined scores of both teams that are playing the game and you bet on an estimate. You can bet that the total of scores will be over or under x amount of points.

Props Bet

This is short for proposition bets and it covers the least technical and more fortuitous parts of the games, such as coin tosses. They are common in all the Canadian sports leagues, but you need to keep in mind most of the prop bets are highly unpredictable and rely solely on luck.


This one is a type of bet that you will only want to place if you are an expert on the league you have chosen to bet on, as you will be betting on the outcome of the entire season. You bet with a lot of time ahead, on who will win the entire league tournament, or who will win more matches throughout the whole season.

The great part of these types of bets is that they typically pay very well because you are placing wagers on a season that wasn’t even started. On the other hand, you need to be careful in certain leagues that are very unpredictable.

If you are a beginner in the betting world or are thinking about betting on a sport you never bet on before, these are the most common types of bets you can find. They are all easy to understand and the sportsbooks odds are not difficult to figure out and get in your favour.

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