Canadian Sports – The 5 Most Common Types of Bets

As more people get into formal betting, sportsbooks strive to keep up with the larger influx, and this includes making it possible to bet on hundreds of different things. Although it might be entertaining to bet on the smallest details, beginners can benefit from learning what are the most common types of bets in Canadian sports.

Point Spread

This is a common type of bet among fans of the NBA and the CFL, and it consists of guessing the minimum amount of points that a team will win by. For example, if you bet on a 5.5 point spread between Toronto and Tampa, and the game ends up with 18-10 in Toronto’s favour, you win the bet.


The most basic bet of guessing who will win the game, regardless of anything else. The issue with this type of bet is that if you bet on the big favourite and they win, you do not earn too much money.

Although this is tricky, in leagues like the NHL it can pay off to bet on an underdog because of how much the teams in that league turn the tables.


This is another bet that is easy to understand, and most beginners can get it right, as you only have to guess roughly what the number of scores will be during the game. Now, to clarify, it’s the combined scores of both teams that are playing the game and you bet on an estimate. You can bet that the total of scores will be over or under x amount of points.

Props Bet

This is short for proposition bets and it covers the least technical and more fortuitous parts of the games, such as coin tosses. They are common in all the Canadian sports leagues, but you need to keep in mind most of the prop bets are highly unpredictable and rely solely on luck.


This one is a type of bet that you will only want to place if you are an expert on the league you have chosen to bet on, as you will be betting on the outcome of the entire season. You bet with a lot of time ahead, on who will win the entire league tournament, or who will win more matches throughout the whole season.

The great part of these types of bets is that they typically pay very well because you are placing wagers on a season that wasn’t even started. On the other hand, you need to be careful in certain leagues that are very unpredictable.

If you are a beginner in the betting world or are thinking about betting on a sport you never bet on before, these are the most common types of bets you can find. They are all easy to understand and the sportsbooks odds are not difficult to figure out and get in your favour.

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Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL

Although the Super Bowl is bigger and more mainstream than the Grey Cup, football fans might find that it is better to bet on the CFL than the NFL. Yes, we know that this might come across a bit odd because you can contrast the millions that are invested in the NFL’s shows and players with the humble CFL. Bear with us for a few lines.

Little Chances to Fail

Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL 1 - Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL

While bettors that wish to place wagers on NFL games need to choose from 32 teams and all the athletes and nuances that come with them, the CFL has 8 teams to keep track of. This means you can focus on every detail of the team better and thus you have fewer chances to fail in your predictions and lose money.

Additionally, you have wild point spreads. This is particularly good for those of you that love parlays and teasers, as you have plenty of room to cover the spreads with any team you choose. The lines tend to be larger than those of the NFL because the teams score more times during a match.

It’s Nothing New

Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL 2 - Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL

When you turn from betting on the NFL to betting on the CFL, you won’t have to learn about new bets that you should place, and the game is the same. You will be able to pick from the typical bets of Moneyline, prop bets, and point spreads.

Moreover, you already understand the nuances of the game, which makes you good at predictions.

Extra Excitement All-Around

Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL 3 - Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL

With a bigger field and bigger teams, the CFL has fewer rigid rules and more of a raw game that provides more excitement for the spectators. One prime example of this is the fact that, while the NFL has 4 downs to advance 10 yards, the CFL cut it short to 3 downs, which results in more passes. The CFL is more dynamic and altogether more fun.

Not Mutually Exclusive

Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL 4 - Why Betting on the CFL is Better than the NFL

Betting on the CFL will not get in the way of you following the NFL or even betting on it, thanks to the way the leagues’ schedule works. The season ends in November, just in time to allow you to focus all your energy on the NFL playoffs to place your wagers.

Even more convenient is the fact that the CFL’s games, are on Friday and Saturday, leaving you to enjoy Sunday football with the NFL as you always have. You don’t have to abandon the NFL entirely to seize the chance to bet on the CFL and can enjoy the best of both worlds if you want to.

While we prefer to focus entirely on the CFL because it is more exciting and there are least teams to focus on, you can always follow both and won’t need to learn anything. Keep in mind that you can bet on the CFL during the summer and have time and money left to start betting on the NFL’s playoffs as soon as they start.


How to Bet on the NHL and Have a Chance

The NHL is the elite of hockey worldwide and nobody can deny the excitement and adrenaline rush that you get from watching a game. If you are looking to turn things up a few notches, we recommend you to follow these tips on how to bet on the NHL and have a chance.

Get Statistics from Reliable Sources

How to Bet on the NHL and Have a Chance 1 - How to Bet on the NHL and Have a Chance

Statistics are a bettor’s best friend, but it can go sideways real fast if you happen to trust the numbers you found on any random website. Make sure you get your statistics from reliable sources like ESPN or the likes of it and focus on the numbers that impact a team’s performance.

Pick the Valuable Bets

How to Bet on the NHL and Have a Chance 2 - How to Bet on the NHL and Have a ChanceWhile supporting your team and believing in them is commendable, if you are looking to earn a profit from your wagers you need to find the bets that will give you more revenue. This is important to keep in mind, as it can mean you need to place a wager that goes against your instinct at first.

A classic example of this is when you bet on the underdog and end up earning quite a plentiful sum because the odds were stacked so high against them.

Mind the Lines

How to Bet on the NHL and Have a Chance 3 - How to Bet on the NHL and Have a Chance

If you are a hockey fan, then you understand why knowing how a team’s lines perform can go a long way to determine whether or not they are going to win. For those of you who aren’t hockey fans, the game is played in lines of players that work together to make or break a team.

This affects every single type of bet you want to place, from moneylines to how many goals will be scored. Thus, it is wise to pay attention to each team’s lines and how the record shows that they work together, to make an accurate guess on the outcome of the game.

Background Check

How to Bet on the NHL and Have a Chance 4 - How to Bet on the NHL and Have a Chance

Check how the teams’ performance has been during the season, see if they have an injured athlete recovering and how important they are for the overall performance. Additionally, note just how tired and worn out the team will be.

Granted, the fact that a team is worn out is not equal to that team losing the game, but they are least likely to have spectacular wins.

Check on how much the team has been travelling and what distances, how many games have they played in a row. Look at everything that might have an impact on the physical fitness and the overall performance of the team on the ice. If you have two excellent teams to pick from, this information might make the difference.

Follow all these tips every single time you place your wagers on an NHL team and you will find that you succeed more often than not. Skip any of these and you might regret it.