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At Feastro, we offer top quality services without charging our readers a dime but running the website does require some investment. We have been blessed with wonderful sponsors that have taken to help us out each in their own way.

Sarah Mitchell – Hockey Player

This was our first sponsor and she is a good friend of ours, who is kind enough to get us tickets for any NHL games that are played in our city. This allows us to enjoy the game as fans and watch the teams and the athletes’ performance as avid bettors to determine possible outcomes more accurately.

Steven Rowland – Football Coach

Steven is a bit of a VIP in many of the CFL games and is even allowed in some teams’ training to observe and enjoy. He has been able to bring us along to some of these fun invitations, where we have gathered privileged information to bring you as news and as betting tips alike.

Tina O’Reilly – Journalist

Since we had no contacts to help us get closer to the NBA’s inner circle, we had a chat with this friend of ours who is oftentimes reporting on the league’s news. She was more than happy to bring us along for some of her assignments and thus we have been able to interview a few stars and witness amazing training firsthand.

To our dear sponsors, we can’t thank you enough for your time and effort to help Feastro grow and become a more serious website with accurate information. We are open to receiving more sponsoring and encourage anybody willing to help out to contact us.