about feastro - About Feastro

Feastro is a website dedicated to offering services for all those that are interested in betting on sports in Canada. On our website, you can find useful advice and general information related to both sports leagues and gambling systems in general.

Who WeAre

All of us working at Feastro are Canadian sports enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, and bettors, who have a passion for letting everybody in on our little secrets. We all grew up together, as we went to the same high school and some of us have even played together on the same teams.

The Purpose of Feastro

One of our main worries, regarding the leagues we love to follow, is that they oftentimes face funding issues that threaten to do the whole league in. This is why we are looking to stimulate more fans to place wagers on their favourite Canadian sports teams, as we feel that this is a valid way to support them.

Although we are happy to see more and more fans take to putting their money where their passion is, we also want you all to be smart about it and bet with the best chances. This brings us to the other purpose of keeping Feastro going, which is educating fans to help them become good at guessing the right wagers to place.

Now, these are good and serious purposes that we all lace with that touch of fun and excitement that following our beloved leagues gives us. Our entire team is committed to having fun while we keep our website growing and improving along with our reader-base and using the feedback to fuel our motivation.

You should keep an eye on Feastro if you want to be a successful bettor and see your Canadian leagues thrive for many years to come, thanks to your support.